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Facilities Master Plan

​​Comment on the FMP


To provide comments on the FMP Exploration of the Palm Desert Campus, click on the red "Comment on the FMP" button above.  To view the FMP Exploration of the Palm Desert Campus, click on the link below:


​Task Force Purpose Statement​

The Purpose of the FMP Task Force is to serve as a working group for the development of the College of the Desert 2018 Facilities Master Plan (FMP).  The FMP Task Force will:  
  • Ensure representation of all areas of the College in developing the FMP.  
  •  Work in collaboration with Cambridge West Partnership LLC Consultant Team, providing input and feedback throughout the process of the plan’s development.
  •  Support alignment of the FMP with the College’s Educational Master Plan, the College’s Mission, Vision and Values, and the Strategic Master Plan.

​FMP Task Force

John Ramont
Interim VP, Administrative Services
Task Force Chair
Linda Costagliola
Executive Administrative Assistant
Leslie Young
Dean Representative
Brandon Toepfer
Director, Maintenance & Operations
Virginia Ortega
Interim Director, Fiscal Services
Carlos Maldonado
Director, Student Life
Gary Plunkett
Director, Kinesiology & Athletics
Jessica Enders
Director, Education Centers
Carl Farmer
Academic Senate President or Designee
Annebelle Nery
Student Success
Allen Scott Ventura
Faculty Representative
George Brown
Faculty Representative
Courtney Doussett
Faculty Representative
Scott Klinger
Faculty Representative
Jorge Perez
Faculty Representative
Robert Rosteck
Faculty Representative
Fred Sangiorgio
CODFA Representative
Steven Fuchs
Adjunct Representative
David Bashore
CODAA Representative
Roz Weissmann
Classified Representative – Preferably Scheduler
Mary Lisi
CSEA Representative
Luisa Mayoral
Student Representative
Mac McGinnis
Program Manager/Bond Office
FMP Consultants:
·         C.M. Brahmbhatt, Cambridge West Partnership, LLC – Managing Director
·         George Walters, Cambridge West Partnership, LLC – Associate/Project Manager
·         Larry Frapwell, HPI Architecture – President/Principal in Charge
·         Megan Gaunce, HPI Architecture – Planner/Project Coordinator
·         Cassidy Bingham, HPI Architecture – Planner/Programmer

Description of Facilities Master Plan:


The Facilities Master Plan (FMP) will provide a roadmap for facilities development in order to support the goals and strategies of the College’s Educational Master Plan (EMP), the goals of which include: instructional design and delivery, instructional program content, student and support services, community partnerships, information and communication and integrated planning; professional development; and alignment of staffing, facilities, and technology plans with the EMP. The Facilities Master Plan will guide the decision-making process and prioritization of new construction and renovation of existing facilities in a manner that will:

  • Allow essential upgrades and improvements for college facilities.
  • Expand and create facilities to better prepare students for their careers or transfer to a four-year university.
  • Upgrade and add classrooms and labs that will meet the needs of our students for years to come.
  • Create community-centered education sites throughout the Coachella Valley.
  • Improve and expand career and support facilities for veterans and military families.


A Working Group, Facilities Master Plan Task Force (Facilities Advisory Committee members, additional members, and Facilities Master Plan consultants from Cambridge West Partnership, LLC) will guide the development of the Facilities Master Plan in a process that is comprehensive, actionable, participatory and transparent. This Task Force is made up of faculty, classified staff, students and administrators. The Task Force follows this process:



  • Demographic Changes
  • Program Review / Growth
  • Quantifying Space for Program




(Data Driven)



  • Campus (Buildings / Site)
  • Utility & Infrastructure
  • Traffic / Parking
  • Sustainability



  • Implementable
  • Linked to Capital Outlay Plan
  • Tied to the Institutional objectives & the Education Master Plan
  • Leverages State & Local Dollars
  • Appropriate Sequence / TCO
  • Supported by the Campus & Community
  • Embraces the Mission
  • Pathway for Bond Program

​ ​​​​​​​​​

Approach and Activities

The development of the Facilities Master Plan will progress through pre-planning and three phases:  Discovery (SWOT Analysis), Plan Development, Document Production, Review & Finalization.
The Cambridge West Partnership LLC Team will work with the Facilities Master Plan Task Force, collect extensive internal and external quantitative and qualitative data, and work within the culture of College of the Desert.
Throughout the process of developing the Facilities Master Plan, drafts of the Facilities Master Plan exploration for each campus will be shared to provide the FMP Task Force and their colleagues the opportunity to review and offer feedback. 

​Project Deliverables

 A comprehensive Facilities Master Plan.

Final Report and Recommendati​ons

The final report and recommendations will be posted when completed.


Future Meetings

April 16, 2018 - 4:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m. - Multi-Purpose Room, Cravens Student Service Center

May 7, 2018 - 4:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m. - Multi-Purpose Room, Cravens Student Services Center